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vintage silhuoettes

50s Swing Vintage 26" Retro Petticoat

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Size S waist: approx. (23" - 31.5") = (59cm ~ 80cm) 

Size M waist: approx. (27" - 35.5”) = (69cm ~ 90cm) 

Size L waist: approx. (31" - 39.5") = (79cm~100cm) 

Size XLwaist: approx. (35" - 47.5") = (89cm~120cm) 

Length (from waist to hem): approx. (23.6" - 25.6") = (60cm ~ 65cm)

Get ready to twirl and turn heads in our 50s Swing Vintage 26" Retro Petticoat! This classic beauty features two layers of organdy and a soft fabric lining for maximum comfort. With its adjustable waistband, it's a breeze to achieve the perfect fit. The knee-length design adds a touch of vintage charm to your rockabilly pin-up dresses. Available in multiple sizes, this petticoat guarantees a fluff and puff that will make you feel like a true retro queen. Don't miss out on adding this must-have to your collection. Get your twirl on today! 💃🌟